Looking for Memorial Day appetizers for a gathering? You’ve come to the right place for hot and cold appetizers, skewers, chips and dips, and single serving jars and cups.

Skewers of fresh berries, white cheese and croissant pieces, with a small bowl of honey.

Each May, those of us in the United States observe Memorial Day to remember the brave women and men who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

Whether you’re gathering with friends, or home with family as you observe this holiday over the long weekend, you’ll probably want a few snacks.

Below, I’ve rounded up more than 20 of my favorite Memorial Day appetizers, and I think there’s something for everyone on this list.

A lot of hot Memorial Day appetizers can be done on the grill!

Chances are, you might be firing up the grill already for hot dogs, grilled buttermilk chicken or steaks. But the grill can go way beyond entrees. Use it to make appetizers for Memorial Day!

Everything from bacon wrapped shrimp to chicken wings can be cooked on the grill for Memorial Day apps. It’s also handy for toasting bread for crostini, or even grilling pieces of polenta to serve topped with tomatoes.

In the spirit of not wanting to turn on the oven on an already warm day, I also turn to my slow cooker for everything from crock pot ribs to meatballs for Memorial Day appetizer ideas.

Shrimp deviled eggs served as Memorial Day appetizers on light gray plate, garnished with herbs.

Cold Memorial Day apps are refreshing after time in the sun.

While the weather can be truly hit or miss for this weekend here in Michigan, there’s certainly been years where it has been HOT.

I love spending time out in the sun, but when I come inside, I want to cool down with a tequila mojito and something cold and refreshing to eat.

Deviled eggs and veggie pizza are both classic cold Memorial Day appetizers here in the Midwest. You’ll also find recipes for beautiful ricotta crostini with berries, and mini caprese cups below.

Skewers are one of my favorite Memorial Day appetizer ideas.

Food on kabobs like sambal chicken skewers aren’t just for dinner. Everything from pineapple to watermelon caprese can be skewered for Memorial Day appetizers.

Kids of all ages love my fruit and cheese kabobs with croissant croutons, and veggie kabobs with halloumi cheese will wow your friends with something new.

A large platter of nachos made with tortilla chips, cheese sauce, sliced hot dogs and pickled jalapenos.

Don’t forget the chips and dip!

Honestly, I barely need a main meal when there are chips and dip around. Give me some pita chips and tabbouleh hummus and you’ll have a hard time getting rid of me.

I’ve included my favorite recipes for caramelized onion dip, grilled tomatillo salsa and avocado, corn and black bean salsa below. They’re all perfect for a Memorial Day apps spread.

I’ve also added my mashup of two American classics – hot dog nachos. Tell me those aren’t a great Memorial Day appetizer idea for this long summer weekend.

Five servings of jarcuterie, Memorial Day appetizers which are glass jars filled with charcuterie, cheese, crackers and condiments.

Jars and cups are perfect Memorial Day appetizers.

There’s something special about having your own little serving of something. You don’t have to share, and you can double dip if you want, right?

My jars filled with marinated white beans would be perfect if you’re planning a weekend picnic.

But, if you’re looking for something more along the lines of a Memorial Day snack or appetizer, I have everything from Mexican 7 layer dip to an elote cup bar to jarcuterie below. Any idea of my unique charcuterie board ideas can go into a cup or jar!

20+ Great Memorial Day Appetizers

Looking for Memorial Day appetizers for a gathering? You've come to the right place for hot and cold appetizers, skewers, chips and dips, and single serving jars and cups.

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