Program at a glance


Detailed scientific program

         The workshop on the middle ear transfer function



Social program

" Aalborg City's Welcome Reception". Wednesday, 1st July, 18:00-21:00


The City of Aalborg’s official opening reception will be held at the Utzon Center.
The Opera House in Sydney is one of the worlds most famous and renowned buildings. The architect behind this masterpiece, Jørn Utzon, was raised in Aalborg.
Jørn Utzon and his sons are the architects behind this magnificent building, Utzon Center.

Utzon Center stands as an architectural intermediary between the buildings of the city center opposite the tall, massive constructions by the new water front and the heavy industry on the east harbour. You will be given an introduction to the building and the present art- and architecture exhibitions.

Dinner after the opening reception is on your own, but why not try one of these restaurants along the beautiful waterfront of Aalborg:

  • Restaurant Fusion is located in the heart of Aalborg and offers a unique view over the Limfjord and the newly established waterfront in Aalborg.
    Besides offering a unique view, it offers an extraordinary culinary experience. Keyword for this restaurant is innovation and quality. The idea behind Restaurant Fusion is to combine the cuisine from Europe and Asia when creating modern, luxurious yet healthy food based upon fresh products from Denmark and Asia.
    The healthy food includes also Sushi along with other delicacies from the Japanese cuisine
    and from the Danish and European cuisine.
  • Prinses Juliana was built in Holland in 1931 and functioned as a training ship until more modern ships took over in 1969. The princess was then redesigned to fulfill her new role as restaurant ship.
    Today Prinses Juliana, who is tastefully decorated with respect for her history, welcomes guests to an excellent gourmet experience in Aalborg harbor.
    Try the surprise menu, and – if the weather permits – start your evening with a drink on deck. Or find further inspiration here.


Guided city walk”. Friday, 3 July, 18:30-20:00


This tour will take you to the recently renovated harbor front of Aalborg, where you will explore the attractive and lively area along Limfjord.
The guide will introduce you to the sights and activities in the area and especially to Musikkens Hus (the House of Music) and Nordkraft.




Musikkens Hus is designed by the worldknown, Austrian architect company, Coop Himmelb(l)au.
Inside, you will experience the grand architecture and the many details in the construction.
Musikkens Hus is not only the new architectonic lighthouse of Aalborg and Northern Jutland, but also very much a national and international rendezvous of music, where visitors, students and musicians are brought together in music.




Next on the tour is Nordkraft – a converted coal power plant which has been transformed into a modern powerhouse of art and culture, featuring a theatre, cinema, concert hall, sport facilities and art galleries. The industrial and rough look of the old plant has been preserved, making a visit to this cultural hub a unique experience in itself.


Then the tour will take you from the modern Aalborg to the old part of Aalborg. Hjelmerstald (Hjelmer Stable) is represented by four houses and is one of the few maintained old neighbourhoods in Aalborg. The area, which was placed in the southern part of Aalborg, was build around the 17th century with stables for the city’s many horses – hence the name of the street.
Today, Hjelmerstald is a cosy area where the houses are very beautiful and unique and it is hard not to look closer through the windows.


Price per person DKK 75 (EUR 10). Minimum 15 participants


"Conference dinner - Robbers' Banquet". Saturday, 4 July, 18:00-


The spectacular location of the conference dinner is the Robber Camp deep in the forest of Rold, the largest forest area in Denmark. For centuries, this area was known as a dubious place for ordinary people to be - especially at night. In the dark, the Rold Robbers would make their move and attack people who, for one reason or the other, had to pass through the forest, which was the only way to get from North to South at that time being.
The atmosphere of the past will be recreated when we resurrect the robbers for you in order to make a thrilling event with a touch of local Danish history.

Buses will take the participants from Aalborg University (‘Create Bulding’) to the entrance of the Rebild National Park, where robbers greet the participants and walk them into the forest to the Robber Camp.
During the dinner under the magnificent tree tops - only to be experienced in the region of North Denmark - robber stories and entertainment will keep you alert and make the evening unforgettable!

Of course, the dress code of this evening is outdoor/casual/ and warm clothes and flat shoes are highly recommended!











Trip to Skagen”. Sunday, 5 July, 08:45-17:15


Memro 2015 will include a half-day social program that samples the natural and cultural uniqueness of North Jylland. We will go through Sæby and the ferry port of Frederikshavn to Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark. On the way, we will take a short break at the Råbjerg Mile migrating sand dunes just south of Skagen.
In Skagen, we will start by visiting Grenen in the tractor-driven 'Sandormen' (the Sand Worm). Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark, also forming the top of the European continent where the neighboring seas of Kattegat and Skagerrak meet. The lunch will be at restaurant Pakhuset that overlooks the busy yacht harbor of Skagen.

After that, we will visit Skagen's Museum, famous for its large collection of paintings from the Scandinavian Golden Age or there will be leisure time to be spent in this charming, picturesque town, and you will surely discover why Skagen is one of the most popular destinations in Denmark.

On the way home there will be a brief stop at Aalborg Airport for participants who have flights out of Aalborg.








Price per person DKK 975 (EUR 130) incl. lunch at Restaurant Pakhuset, beverages, and entrance fees to Skagen Museum and Sandormen. Minimum 20 participants