Good to Know

For the one who wants to see the big picture 
You will find a map of Aalborg that should provide you with an overview of where everything is situated in proportion to each other.
Map over the city of Aalborg, please visit Map of Aalborg city to see:

  • Hotels  
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Shopping streets

For the cultural
During your stay, get a chance to explore the cultural vibe in Aalborg either by strolling down the newly established Habourfront in the evening or exploring the inner city visiting its art museums and galleries. Please visit the official Tourist Bureau’s website VisitAalborg to get more information on

  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Events, etc.

For the shopaholic
With its abundance of shops Aalborg’s high streets are an eldorado for anyone who loves to shop. But, whatever you do, don’t miss the side streets. They are packed with exciting little shops selling the work of young designers and craftspeople. You never know what you’ll find.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 10 AM - 5:30 or 8 PM
Sat: 10 AM - 4 or 5 PM
Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM (large super markets and ware houses)

Read more about shopping streets here.

For the hungry

Some of Aalborg's best restaurants are placed near the waterfront and in the city center. To mention but a few:

  • Restaurant Fusion - where Asian and European cuisine melt together with fresh Danish produce. Book a table by the big panoramic windows, and you will find yourself only a few meters from the fjord. The concept of Restaurant Fusion is based on innovation combined with the highest quality of food and service, and the menu consists of everything from elegant plates of hot food to first class sushi. The restaurant recently received a very favorable review in the large Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten.
  • Prinses Juliana - built in Holland in 1931 and functioned as a training ship until more modern ships took over in 1969. The princess was then redesigned to fulfill her new role as restaurant ship. Today Prinses Juliana, who is tastefully decorated with respect for her history, welcomes guests to an excellent gourmet experience in Aalborg harbor. Try the surprise menu, and – if the weather permits – start your evening with a drink on deck.
  • Stygge Krumpen - classical café and restaurant in the walking street with excellent food and athmosphere. 
  • Restaurant Mest - small modern brasserie with several awards for good food.
  • Mortens kro - one of Aalborg’s most reputable gastronomic establishments. During the 10 years of its existence, it has regularly been reviewed by a number of Danish and foreign newspapers and magazines, and today the restaurant is considered one of the finest gastronomic establishment in Denmark. In 1996, owner and restaurant chef Morten Nielsen won the title Chef of the Year, and he is also known from his miscellaneous TV appearances.
  • CANblau - modern tapas restaurant at ved Stranden 5.

For the thirsty
Need a beer after a day with lots of impressions? An Aalborg Beerwalk makes an agreeable finish to a busy day and a perfect start to a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg. Treat yourself to an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured, special beers in as many as 6 great pubs in the centre of Aalborg. The Aalborg Beerwalk consists of: an Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass, vouchers for 6 samples of excellent beer, a guide to 6 charming handpicked pubs in Aalborg, and a lot of fun. At each pub simply present a voucher and they will pour you a sample in your very own Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass

  • Aalborg Beerwalk, please visit Aalborg Beerwalk to read more about the concept

For the Forest Gump
Even when staying in the city, beautiful oases of nature – perfect for a great work out – are never far away. A different experience awaits you, if you go for a run in Mølleparken during twilight. Here, you can follow a 2.5 km route lit up by lanterns.

  • Please ask your hotel for inspiration

For the yuppies
Danish Kroner (DKK) is the currency in Denmark. Banks are open from 10.00AM-04.00PM Monday to Friday. Though, in most hotels, restaurants, cafés, and shops international credit cards are widely accepted.

For the generous 
Tipping: In Denmark, tipping is not common (but always appreciated) - all service bills that you receive already include gratuity.

For the meteorologist
Aalborg is situated in the Northern Denmark. Weather in Denmark varies with the seasons. Denmark has a temperate climate and can be humid and overcast. The winters are usually mild and windy, and the summers can be cool or sunny. The weather in Denmark is a popular subject for discussion as it often changes from day to day and even during the day. It is therefore a good idea to bring a coat or an umbrella on outdoor activities. To check the weather forecast when you visit Aalborg, please visit the website of the Danish Meteorological Institute for the latest forecast

For the Benjamin Franklin
Electrical appliances run at 230V in Denmark. Electrical outlets in Denmark use a two-prong plug typical for continental Europe. Most laptops will automatically work with 220-230 volts (check the back of your laptop for power input markings.)

For Cary Grant
The conference is a non-smoking event and smoking is prohibited throughout the venue. However, you are welcome to smoke outside.

For the one who wears a seat belt
Generally speaking, Denmark is a very safe country and Aalborg is a particularly safe city. Like in most major cities in the world, however, it is advisable to watch ones belongings and valuables while being in public places and to keep cars locked.

For the one who needs visa
If you need a visa to enter Denmark please contact the conference secretary as soon as possible to get an invitation letter to present to your local Danish Embassy. A processing time of up to 3 months should be expected! In order to get the invitation letter we need an official statement (stamped) from your employer/institution confirming that you are employed/enrolled accordingly. The statement should confirm that your employer/institution will cover all expenses in connection with your trip to Denmark.
Initially, you may fax the statement to us followed by a hard copy sent by normal post (see contact information):

For more detailed information on obtaining short term visa for Denmark, please visit the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

In case of emergency
In case of emergency please dial +45 112 to contact ambulance, police, or fire department.

Medical care
In case of serious illness or injury dial +45 112. Hotel staff members can also direct you to hospitals or dental clinics. For non-emergency illness the medical authorities recommend consulting a doctor instead of going to the hospital. Your hotel will be able to recommend you one.