This meeting is the 7th international symposium in a row of successful meetings, since it was first launched in Dresden in 1996 based on the idea of bringing together clinicians and basic scientist. The aim of these interdisciplinary symposia has been to exchange knowledge and ideas in order improve our understanding and treatment of middle ear disorders and hearing impairment.

Thus, the symposium will cover a larger range of important aspects of the normal, the diseased, and the reconstructed middle ear. The presentations will include key note speakers as well as we emphasize on free papers. According to tradition these symposia do not contain parallel sessions in order to enhance the intensive dialog between specialists.


Previous MEMRO meetings 



Date Chairmen
1. Dresden, Germany Sep 19th-22nd 1996 Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink
2. Boston, USA Oct 21st-24th 1999 John J Rosowski, Saumil Merchant
3. Matsuyama, Japan Jul 9th-12th 2003 Kiyofumi Gyo, Hiroshi Wada
4. Zurich, Schwitzerland Jul 27th-30th 2006 Alexander M Huber, Albrecht Eiber
5. Stanford, USA Jun 24th-27th 2009 Sunil Puria, Richard L Goode, Charles Steele
6. Daegu, Korea Jun 27th -Jul 1st 2012 Sang-Heun Lee, Jin-Ho Cho
7. Aalborg, Denmark Jul 1st-5th 2015 Michael Gaihede, Joris J Dirckx, Magnus von Unge